3 Foot Conditions that You Should Not Treat At Home

We understand, with the lack of time and difficulty securing an appointment, you may be tempted to self- treat some of your foot problems. Sometimes you are lucky, and the issue resolves itself without much intervention. Our body is smart, and has the necessary tools to heal if the injury is not too serious. Here are 3 common foot problems that warrants a quick visit to us.

Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain is a common problem that you may attempt to treat at home. After all, it only hurts when you get out of bed, or start walking a lot right? You can put ice on it, or take anti- inflammatory medications such as Nurofen to ease the pain. However, none of the remedies you try work for long. If you have heel pain, remember that it is your feet calling for help, and you should come see us to have it looked at.

Sprained Ankle

The typical recommendation for a sprained is icing it and plenty of rest, because you should allow the injury to heal before working it again. However, do you know that sprain injury can cause scar tissue to form instead of muscle? If you have a sprained ankle, we can help you with checking the severity, and strapping to help strengthen the ankle as you recover. Instead of losing strength and trying to regain your walking muscle back, you can recover quicker and back into your normal routine sooner.


Flat or High Arch Feet

Biomechanical assessments and gait analysis are one of the professional services that we offer at our clinics. How can you be sure that your feet are flat or highly arched if you do not know what to look for? If you are hurting, and you believe that your feet needs support in form of orthotics, it is better to come to us, rather than buying ready made EVA insoles from pharmacies. Not only our custom made orthotics are made from better quality material, they will fit you well, and give your feet the proper support they need. Gone are the messy days of doing plaster cast, and repeated visits just to get your custom made orthotics right. We use the latest 3D scan technology, and you would only need two visits: one to scan, the other to pick up.

Just A Call Away

We are just a call away, and we strive to help you start walking on the road to recovery. If you address the problem early, we can tackle the pain before it becomes worse. Our clinic offers dry- needling, extracorporeal shock wave therapy and strapping as possible options to help. Come in and see how we can make your foot pain disappear.