Facebook Live- New Years Fitness Resolutions gone wrong; Going to hard to early

Facebook live 7th January 2020

This time of the year people try to take control of their life and do something they’ve wanted to do for a while with their exercises; get fit, start to exercise more, get on top of their diet.

We also find that after a couple of weeks, or months, people start to lose motivation and fall of their diet and exercise goals. We have found that there are two major reasons for this drop off.

Number one is that they have made the goals too big, with their changes to drastic, and too soon.

The second reason, they have no path to get to their end results, and people don’t know how to get there, and therefore give up hope.

Some tips to help with staying motivated and on top of your goals is to implement what is known as SMART Principles.

S stands for specific, you want the goal to be specific to yourself, and what you want to achieve.
M stands for measurable; for example, how much weight you want to lift, how far or quickly you want to run.
A stands for achievable or attainable. You don’t want your goals to be too easy, or too hard, so that you keep attaining them, or make them impossible. This is how you lose motivation.
R stands for relevant; you want your goals to be relevant to what you want to do, and your life. Finally,
T stands for time; for example, reaching a goal within a certain time period. By implementing these principles you will find that your goals are a lot easier to achieve, and you’ll have a clearer path of how to get there.

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