Facebook Live- Some shoes which maybe better for certain injuries


Facebook Live 30 Janurary 2020

There are a variety of shoes on the market with many features that you should consider when purchasing your next pair. Theoretically some features are better suited towards different injuries. The "stack height" or "heel height difference" refers to the height that exists between the heel and the toe in a shoe. Looks can be deceiving when attempting to locate this so it is important to do some research and ask for help. Models of shoes with a higher heel height includes those between 10-12mm. This places the foot in a slight high heel position, which in turn aims to decrease strain on the muscles in the posterior compartment of the leg such as the calf muscles, and also is beneficial for injuries involving the achilles tendon or the bottom of the heel. 

Alternatively, models of shoes with a lower heel height place the foot closer towards a flat position in the shoe. This aims to reduce and redustrube ground reaction forces therefore assisting with impact type injuries such as runners knee and shin pain. This flater position also reduces the pressure going through the ball of the foot and therefore can be beneficial for injuries in this area. This is just one of the features to look out for when selecting your next shoe and remember to ask the retailers for assistance.

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