Facebook Live- Why not to wear footy boots in pre-season

Facebook Live 27 February 2020

Why you should be training in running shoes for pre-season

When preparing for pre-season it's crucial to know what footwear and surface you'll be playing on in future. There is an increase in activity levels and fitness required meaning an increase in load on your feet when training. Opting for a running shoe to absorb more impact forces from strenuous activities will allow your body to tolerate it before going into your boots.

When comparing a sneaker to a footy boot, there is no mid sole to control the feet and there's usually a lower heel to toe offset meaning additional stress to the heels, Achilles and your shins!

Keep in mind, the combination of footwear and surface dictates how much friction/grip or 'stickiness' there is. The greater the friction or 'stickiness'', the more efficiently you will be able to transfer the force you input to the ground and into forward momentum or change of direction. This is an important factor when training for acceleration and agility. With softer surfaces, you'll have less friction and more contact time meaning it'll absorb a lot more of the forces rather than your body; this is ideal for training for pre-season to get you used to the level of activity again but eventually you'll want to transition into cleats to direct a lot more of your force into forward momentum.

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