Facebook Live- Why recovery is the most under rated part of training

Facebook Live 18 February 2020

Recovering is an underrated component to progressing further in your training. When we train or exercise, we are depleting our bodies of its energy reserves and creating micro-traumas within the tissue so ultimately, we'll be emerging from each session weaker and slower than we went in. The benefits of training begin as your body recovers and adapts to the adopted tissue stress to better prepare you for your next session in future. Endurance training tends to put less stress into your muscles but more onto the joints themselves like your knees, hips and ankles but require less recovery compared to high intensity training sessions incorporate less time involved but require a much longer recovery period. Without recovering, the risk of injury increases.

Not many people realise but having a proper diet is crucial factor into your training as well. Setting up a higher protein intake for muscle growth or increasing your carbohydrates for your energy supplies helps boost your overall performance in your training sessions. Along with diet, getting enough sleep provides us with an uninterrupted opportunity for the body to rest and rejuvenate.

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