Myth: Breaking Into Your Shoes

You will never hear pro- athletes blaming their new kicks for losing a game, nor runners suffering from pinched toes and painful heels every time they put on a new pair of shoes. The most popular and enduring tips on breaking into your new shoes are a myth. In reality, your feet are the ones that are conforming to the shape of the shoe.

Revere Wanaka

Pinched toes, calluses and blisters are some of the issues that arise when you wear ill- fitting shoes. While women are typically victims of the beautiful but uncomfortable footwear, men too can have feet issues associated with bad shoes. From killer heels to chaffing heel cups, breaking into your new pair of shoes means suffer meaninglessly, because you do not have to.

Criteria of a Good Shoe

Same goes with running shoes: they are designed to provide support, protection and comfort. A good pair should be able to let you run without hurting from the moment you put it on. A breathable upper allows air to circulate, to prevent moisture accumulating inside and causing fungal infection. Midsoles to provide shock absorption, while the insole gives you the proper arch support. They are as important as the outsole, which provides traction and more shock absorption when you run.

Hence, from running shoes to dress shoes, you have to look for a pair that fits you well. While it is easier to find a good pair of sporting footwear, you can now have comfortable shoes without sacrificing on style. In our clinic, we are authorized resellers of Vionic and Revere comfort shoes.

The shoes have Foot Motion Technology (FMT), which cups your feet to provide the support when you walk. Better yet, the shoes come in stylish designs and some can even let you put your custom made insoles in. Sounds interesting? Come and to our clinics for a look see, maybe you will finally get a pair of shoes that will not be trying to kill you.

Here are some attractive looking examples.


Looking Good Without Feeling Crook

With modern technology, you can get decent shoes without breaking the bank. These shoes may feel expensive, but they cost the same as any other pair of good quality shoes. Created by a podiatrist, you can be sure that these will do the job better.