How to Avoid Getting Yellow Toe Nails

Summer is here! It is time for sandals, thongs and walking on the beach with your bare feet. But when you have a closer look, you realise that you have been neglecting your feet for too long. Your toes are yellow, there are corns and calluses as well as thick skin build up on back of the feet. You have been diligently working on your feet, and now they look great! But you have a problem with the yellow toenails: they seem to come back every time you treat them. Below are some of the ways to avoid getting nail fungal infections.

Treatment Period

On all nail fungal treatment products, the directions say that you have to continue with applying the cream for two more weeks after your nails have cleared. If you have been skipping that step, the spores of the fungus will grow back when the condition is optimal. Hence, if you want to avoid getting recurrent fungal nail infections, you have to complete the regime as directed on the pack. Make sure to file the nails down so that the cream or solution can work more effectively. But if your nails remain yellow even with the pharmacy medication, it is time to pay us or your doctor a visit.


Public Places

Public showers and pools are haven for fungus, because they thrive in wet conditions. Wear slippers when you visit wet public areas, avoid stepping onto wet areas with bare feet. If you cannot avoid it, make sure to dry your feet properly. Fungus grows in damp and dark conditions, so you can stop it by making it hard for the fungus to thrive. Of course, if you are running without shoes on, chances of you getting a fungal infection is also high. Always have protective gear on your feet when you go to public places, never know what you might pick up from the floor.

Footwear care

Wash your socks in hot water and then air dry them under the sun. The UV from the sun is effective in killing bacteria and spores. When the weather is good, air dry your sports shoe to remove the smell and dampness. A simple step that is helpful in preventing yellow toe nails. After running, make sure to keep your shoes dry and change a new pair of socks. Sweaty feet can also increase the risk of fungal nail infections. Try to store your shoes in a well ventilated area if you cannot put it out to dry, so that the circulating air can dry the shoes and reduce the smelliness.

Yellow toe nails are unsightly, a problem that can be fixed with a few simple steps. If you have an ongoing problem, or if you are a diabetic, come in and we can help you make sure that they do not turn into something worse. Otherwise, these tips can help you avoid getting another fungal nail infection.