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Facebook Live- Shoe Review: Brooks Bedlam

Facebook Live 3rd December 2019

Brooks Bedlam

The Brooks bedlam is one of their more recent shoes been released over the past few years. It is classified as a supportive shoe in their “energise” category.
The key differences in this shoes are in its sole and the materials used. The 1st layer is a material referred to as “DNA Amp” which provides a responsive and energised feeling under foot.
The method in which this shoe provides its support is through Brooks “guide rails” system around both sides of the shoe. The best way to think

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Facebook Live- Some stats of the benefits of walking

Facebook Live 21st November 2019

Benefits of walking:

1. 2 hrs of walking per week reduces the possibility of a stroke by 30%

2. 30mins of walking per day reduces depression by 30%

3. 30mins of walking per day reduces chance of diabetes by 30%

4. 75mins of walking per week can increase your lifespan by 2 years

5. 1 hour of walking per day can increase your chance of obesity by 30%

6. 4 hours of walking per week can decrease the likelihood of hip fractures by 43%

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Facebook Live- Nike Vaporfly the sub 2hr marathon shoe

Facebook Live 14th November 2019

Currently in the running world, there are controversies regarding the racing shoes made by Nike. According to research, the nike vaporfly 4% and Nike Vaporfly next % as the name suggests, has shown to reduce energy expenditure by 4% when running. Now some of you might be thinking 4% isn’t much, but the most recent prototype “Nike AlphaFLY”, built specifically for Eliud Kipchoge to smash the sub 2hr marathon time, at the INEOS 159 challenge, became a success. Based on the current findings, 3% of the

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Facebook Live- Best home exercise for Achilles pain

Facebook Live 6 November 2019

A nice and simple exercise to begin with is a calf raise and hold. Essentially you will calf raise with both feet and push off the big toe and hold that contraction for a count of 3. From there you will lower back down to your starting position on the ground for another count of 3. Effectively we are strengthening our calf muscles in its contracted and lengthened state.

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Facebook Live- The top 4 Rehab Tips for your sore Achilles

Facebook Live 29 October 2019

4 Rehab Tips of Achilles pain
1- Footwear – Try to find shoes that have a higher heel height. This means having the height of the heel higher then the toes. Think about the exaggerated example of being in high heels. The goal of this is to limit the strain and stretch going through the Achilles tendon.  In running shoes this height will vary between brands and between models, so make sure you do your research and ask for help to get your shoes fitted properly, ideally looking

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Facebook Live- Netball Shoe Review

Facebook Live 22nd October 2019

Netball shoes:
When playing netball it is crucial that you are in the correct shoes. Netball shoes are specifically designed for the requirements of the game, side to side movement, jumping, landing and pivoting movements. This differs to runners, who’s shoes are designed for straight line activities running and walking. Netball shoes help to reduce the occurrence of netball specific  injuries this includes, ankle sprains and knee injuries.
When selecting your netball shoe ensure you try on a few different models to find the ones that work best for

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Facebook Live- Did you know that painkillers lead to 3 deaths in Australia last year?!

Facebook Live 9th October 2019

Pain killers:
Should we rely on them? The answer is no. Pain killers are one of the silent killers in the present world where up to 3 deaths per day were reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics last year. They provide a quick easy masking effect that allows every-day Australians to get on with their lives without the interference of pain but the reality is, up to 750,000 Australians are reported to be addicted to painkillers. The most common demographic in this population are middle-aged men,

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Facebook Live – Shin Pain! What it Feels Like!

Facebook Live 1st October 2019

Shin pain There are 3 common types of shin pain
1.    Shin splints also referred to as medial tibial stress syndrome
2.    Tibial stress fracture
3.    Chronic compartment syndrome
Out of these three the one we see the most in clinic is shin splits It is import to remember that despite its name, the pain is not coming from the bone splinting it is the surrounding soft tissue the most common signs and symptoms of this condition are;
•    Pain that is present on both legs
•    Pain on the lower 1/3 of the shin
•    At the commencement

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Facebook Live 24th September 2019

Summer shoes to wear with orthotics:
There are a few brand that work well with orthotics and summer sandals these brand include: revere, vionic, Sierra. These brand have a removable foot bed so we can slip an orthotics still allowing you to have all the support you would during summer.
Other brand includes Frankie 4 and Bared these brand have a natuaral footbed that is not removal but still provides you with good support so you can enjoy doing all your summer activities.
Archie’s thongs, orthoheel thongs are a

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Is that Feeling of Bunched Up Sock Under Your Feet Ruining Your Run?

Is that Feeling of Bunched Up Sock Under Your Feet Ruining Your Run?

When you are out walking or running, do you stop to check your socks to see if they are bunched up underneath your feet, but only to realise that they are fine? Sometimes you notice that it hurts, particularly after a hard run. Pain and the feeling of something underneath of feet is a typical symptom of Morton’s Neuroma, a common condition for runners wearing shoes that are not suitable.

What Is Morton’s Neuroma

Also known as intermetatarsal neuroma, this

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