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Facebook Live- Why not to wear footy boots in pre-season

Facebook Live 27 February 2020

Why you should be training in running shoes for pre-season

When preparing for pre-season it’s crucial to know what footwear and surface you’ll be playing on in future. There is an increase in activity levels and fitness required meaning an increase in load on your feet when training. Opting for a running shoe to absorb more impact forces from strenuous activities will allow your body to tolerate it before going into your boots.

When comparing a sneaker to a footy boot, there is no mid sole to control

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Facebook Live- Why recovery is the most under rated part of training

Facebook Live 18 February 2020

Recovering is an underrated component to progressing further in your training. When we train or exercise, we are depleting our bodies of its energy reserves and creating micro-traumas within the tissue so ultimately, we’ll be emerging from each session weaker and slower than we went in. The benefits of training begin as your body recovers and adapts to the adopted tissue stress to better prepare you for your next session in future. Endurance training tends to put less stress into your muscles but more onto the

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Facebook Live- Shoe review: Brooks Glycerin


Facebook Live 13 February 2020

The Brooks Glycerin is a neutral running shoe which uses a variety of features to enhance the feeling underfoot when walking and/ or running. 

Firstly what is a neutral shoe? A neutral shoe, has one single density material which means it does not provided any additional support via posting however does provided a good stable base. Neutral shoes are a great option for complementing foot orthotics. The Glycerin is classified as part of the “cushioned” range and is one of the brands softest shoes. This softness is provided

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Facebook Live- Do Foot Sleeves and Compression Socks help your Heel and Achilles Pain


Facebook Live 6 February 2020

The FS6 Sock has been having a few mixed reviews at our clinic but we can all agree that it sometimes is the missing link to getting your heel pain issues fixed. Usually most heel pain cases are prevented with supportive footwear and some form of control to stabilise and improve the function of your foot, however, there is a small percentile that remains unresolved and that’s where the FS6 sock comes in. The FS6 sock adds that factor of gradual compression in the right areas

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Facebook Live- Some shoes which maybe better for certain injuries


Facebook Live 30 Janurary 2020

There are a variety of shoes on the market with many features that you should consider when purchasing your next pair. Theoretically some features are better suited towards different injuries. The “stack height” or “heel height difference” refers to the height that exists between the heel and the toe in a shoe. Looks can be deceiving when attempting to locate this so it is important to do some research and ask for help. Models of shoes with a higher heel height includes those between 10-12mm. This places the foot in a slight high

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Facebook Live- Pre-Season Shin Pain

Facebook Live 23rd January 2020

This time of year sports are returning back and for many pre-season is in full swing unfortunately this can come along with injuries. The most common cause of shin pain the we see at the clinic is medial tibial stress syndrome or as its more commonly know as shin splints. This located on the lower 1/3 on the inside of the shin, generally on both legs.

Our suggestions to avoid this injury are:

Wear your sneakers for running/ time trails to provide support and cushioning.
Avoid doing to much to soon- have

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Facebook Live- School shoe tips!

Facebook Live 16th January 2020

It is that time of year again when its back to school. Its crucial to get your kids fitted into the correct shoes that they will be wearing everyday.

Here a a few tips to remember

1- Get the shoes fitted correctly. Our guide is make sure there is 1/2 to a full thumb width of room at the end of the shoe. Firstly to allow growing room but also to make sure their toes aren’t pushing against the end

2- Look for velcro, buckles, laces or straps. Something that

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Facebook Live- New Years Fitness Resolutions gone wrong; Going to hard to early

Facebook live 7th January 2020

This time of the year people try to take control of their life and do something they’ve wanted to do for a while with their exercises; get fit, start to exercise more, get on top of their diet.

We also find that after a couple of weeks, or months, people start to lose motivation and fall of their diet and exercise goals. We have found that there are two major reasons for this drop off.

Number one is that they have made the goals too big, with their

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Facebook Live- Why running quietly is important!

Facebook Live 17th December 2019

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